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Mudcat Entertainment, LLC
One of the hottest events in your area can be right at your front door! Call Charlye Cherelle  with MUDCAT ENTERTAINMENT, LLC  to generate energy and excitement by booking a band, an acoustic act or DJ!
The dynamic talent in these class acts are comprised of very experienced musicians that continue to rock the area.

Mudcat Entertainment, L.L.C welcomes to the family...
That's right...Mudcat Entertainment proudly welcomes The Kentucky Headhunters to the roster of outstanding entertainment. Check out the Headhunters page by searching the list of artist. Call Mudcat Entertainment, an independent broker for the Kentucky Headhunters at
to book The Kentucky Headhuntersfor your next event!!
Maybe you have an event requiring the ongoing hits of your pick through our experienced  DJ, Mudcat Ent endless library of every party tune your event requires!
Maybe you have the hunger for a rockin' , ragin night of excitement with
"Alvin and the Shakerz" , "Jack Rabbit Slims"
Maybe the outstanding SHOW band from Natchez, Mississippi.
"Easy Eddie and the Party Rockers"!!
Whatever your taste, we can feed you.  Hits from the 50's to today-what you like is what we play!  Hire the the bands that will rock the house,
"The Cadillac Kings", " Hands On", Flashback 5!
or call up some southern sound to quench your taste buds with the exciting country rock band, 
South Bound Train!
Maybe your event calls for an exciting Regae Sound with
Henry Turner, Jr. & Flavor!!
And Jazz it up!! with the incredible orchestra
Louisiana Legacy Jazz Orchestra!!
Mudcat Entertainment, LLC  has THE entertainment for your wedding, party, festival, corporate and social events.
 Call  Charlye Cherelle, 318-376-9355