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Alvin and the Shakerz!
The hottest 5 piece band from Tampa Bay, Florida.
Alvin Lawrence, originally from the Monroe/West Monroe area, is the lead guitarist in the well known Tampa, Florida band, "Alvin & the Shakerz".  This band is kick ass!  Alvin can play all night long with hits from the 50's through today. 
You will hear tunes from Elvis to Ozzie, from The Doors to 3 Doors Down, etc,  etc, etc. The band features Tampa's very own Gary "the Professor" Harding on keys,  singer/song writer Donnie Martineaux on bass, who has written and produced  the biker hit, "Ride", vocalist Barbie Dunne, who has performed with Michael Jackson, Billy Idol and David Lee Roth, has what it takes to bring the house down! Also, an outstanding FEMALE drummer, "Erika" from Germany-Erika's music history has taken her from making albums in the United States to jamming with her all girl band (Foxhead)clear across the border! She is hot and full of fire! The lead guitar in this extraordinary group is Alvin Lawrence, who can blow you away with his rendition of the   StarSpangled Banner!!  
Alvin & the Shakerz have jammed with notables such as Molly Hatchet, Blackfoot, and Chris Hicks of Marshall Tucker Band, to name a few!
Alvin Lawrence has an extensive history in the music business as well. But, is well known for the North Louisiana band of the 80's ABALON! 
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