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Henry Turner & The Flavor Band @ Louisiana Music Factory 2008
Henry Turner Jr. – Guitar, Lead/Background VocalsIrie Hip – Bass, Lead/Background VocalsRonnie Houston – Drums, Lead/Background Vocals
As lead vocalist and guitarist, Henry Turner, Jr. honed his skills playing in cover bands and on studio recordings. His early musical influences came from blues and jazz greats B.B. King and GeorgeBenson, as well as the hypnotic mellow reggae tones of Bob Marley. In the 1980’s he put his career onhold, working at various record labels, which led him to found Hit City Records, a management and promotion company. His experiences in the independent music scene eventually inspired him to put anew band together, get back onstage, and write material for this new musical genre.Joining him on this quest, in 1990, was veteran R&B drummer Ronnie Houston, considered the senior member of the troupe. Houston, who has toured the United States and Europe since the 1970’s, credits Bobby Powell, James Brown, Buddy Rich and Billy Cobham for his intricate and syncopateddrumming style.Bassist and vocalist, Irie Hip is the newest member of the band. The urban artist has thrilled fans in the San Francisco Bay Area, Louisiana, Europe, Canada and Japan. Hip, whose real name isAnthony Butler, was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. At the tender age of 11 he knew he wanted to be involved in the music industry and learned to play several instruments by the age of 17.Hehas worked with Lenny Williams and Allen Glass, who had numerous hits for major artists. Irie states hisgoal for the band is, “…to continue to gain momentum in popularity, record and perform at home andabroad, and add new flavors and textures to the mix of music.”In 2005, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the Baton Rouge residents were inspired to release two singles: GIVE ME LOVE, recorded live at Café Negril in New Orleans,  and MERRY CHRISTMAS, which garnered airplay throughout the United States. 2006 releases include LOUISIANALEGENDS AND POLITRICKS and I LIKE TO SMOKE, SMOKE, SMOKE (but I don’t smoke dope).
Henry Turner, Jr. & Flavor’s music has been described as … “a sure crowd pleaser” and to that end, the band tours extensively in support of their singles and CD’s that include WILL WORK FOR FOOD AND MONEY,FACING THE MILLENNIUM and LOUISIANA GUMBO COMBO. Pastsingle hits include FAT BABY, LIMBO, LOUISIANA FUNK, PRAISING JAH and FAMILY, to name few.  
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