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Insane Cajuns Unleashed!!!
Insane Cajuns Unleashed the band (ICU) was formed in 2011 by three Louisiana musicians; Lanny McGough – Vocals, guitars, synthesizers, arranger, writer (BMI); Danny Solomon - Vocals, bass, writer, arranger, band leader (ASCAP); and Bob Sullivan – Vocals, drums, equipment/transportation.
Experienced in small halls to major venues and the ability to read the audience, the boys of ICU have entertained crowds all over the U.S.A. for over 30 years
While covering songs from a myriad of artists,  three started in the professional music field at an earlier-than-usual age, playing cover material for most of their lives. But in the past three years, unknown to each other, they had been pursuing their own original stylings. When partnered, the whole became greater than the sum of its parts, a swampy mix of southern rock that portrays just enough Louisiana intrigue and mystery to season the mix.
Their debut album and show, “Down in the Swamp”, features an eclectic variety of original songs that vary from ballads to heart-stomping rock.
In turn, ICU’s show reflects the unique style of regional music and a Louisiana Attitude!!
Book the PRIDE of Louisiana...
Insane Cajuns Unleashed!
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