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The Kentucky Headhunters, comprised of Southern rock, rock and a rustic twist of blues,  that will make your ears stand up and of both rock and country music travel far and near to hear the boys from the Bluegrass state. Originating from the hills of Kentucky, The Kentucky Headhunters has entertained thousands from as far North as Canada down to the swamps of the Louisiana marsh.
 It all began in 1968, when brothers Fred and Richard Young began playing together with their cousins Greg Martin and Anthony Kenney in their grandmother's charming old house nestled against the backdrop of blue skies and a crisp country setting. When Mark Orr later joined them, the band was called the Itchy Brothers. More than a decade later, the guys decided to peruse different avenues. 
 Richard Young, with his outgoing personality, led him to write songs for Acuff-Rose, while Fred Young went on tour with country singer artist Sylvia.
Greg Martin joined country music crooner, Ronnie McDowell's band, while Anthony Kenney went in a different direction .
 In 1985, Martin wanted to get the band back together. Not all members decided to re-band, so when Kenney declined to rejoin the group, Martin looked up an old friend he met while touring with McDowell,  Doug Phelps. Phelps joined in and a new barn was raised!!... hence,  The Kentucky Headhunters.
 The Headhunter's hits include, 1989's "Dumas Walker", 1990's "Oh, Lonesome Me" and a host of dirt kickin' country and Southern rock music to curl your hair! The Kentucky Headhunter's newest creation and 12th album, "Dixie Lullabies" has kept these boys on tour and raising cane with fans across the country!
Mudcat Entertainment is proud to have The Kentucky Headhunters added to the roster of artist for your entertainment needs.
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